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max. depth 20m / boat divePASITO BLANCO

Impressive oval-shaped reef made of natural lava formations, coming up from pristine white sand

We’re super lucky to have this site only 10 mins away from us by boat. It’s the least busy site we know, leaving you with loads of marine life to enjoy. Think many overhangs, ledges, rock plateaus, and even a small cave! Have a look under the overhangs and you’ll spot many species of moray like tiger, black, bull nose eels… Schools of bastard grunts and barracudas love to hang out here as well, and it’s quite common to see rays and angel sharks chilling on the sandy bottom. All in all – a super relaxed and versatile dive loved by all kinds of divers.

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max. depth 20m / boat diveARGUINEGUIN REEF

Our beautiful house reef: huge schools of barracudas and sardines​

Like Pasito Blanco, this dive site is abounding with fish. The reef runs lengthways from east to west for almost 700m with a deep over hang which is home to the rare and elusive porcupine (large puffer fish), measuring up to 1m in length. The trumpet fish seem to feel particularly at home here and they appear almost in schools. Many species of moray inhabit the reef along with shoals of yellow snappers and sardines. The overhang provides protection for sting rays and common brown rays as well as colourful anemones, spider crabs, and cleaner shrimp! A favorite for turtles and amberjacks, this dive is both relaxing and exhilarating.

max. depth 20m / boat diveWRECKS OF MOGÁN

Two wrecks in one dive!

Two sunken fishing boats next to each other – the Alegranza and the Ceremonja II. The wrecks have so much life with massive schools of yellow snappers and barracudas, many huge trumpetfish lurking in and around the wrecks… Yellowfin grunts, monk fish, and many other sea creatures like Canarian lobsters, moray eels and octopuses also populate these wrecks. Look away from the wrecks once in a while too and catch the sardines darting back and forth with amberjacks chasing them. These wrecks are great for divers looking to do the wreck diving Specialty Course.

max. depth 20m / boat diveLOST CITY OF ATLANTIS

Loads of marine life at this artificial reef based on the city of Atlantis

The reef starts by the older of the two Mogán wrecks. As we explore the site, you’ll find the carcass of a whale, stone pillars, big roman gladiator helmets, a sunken venetian ship along with a variety of other structures. It’s basically an underwater museum! Expect big schools of yellow snappers, more trumpetfish than you can count, rays… Check out the octopus and moral eels hiding inside the pots! And if you’re lucky, you’ll catch a glimpse of the yellow submarine which goes around the same area.

max. depth 30M / boat diveCOMO II WRECK

Great dive for more experienced divers.

This wreck is a small fishing boat of about 18 meters long. The locals running the place here is the huge school of the yellow snappers. On some days they completely enclose the wreck and it’s quite the sight! The probability of meeting angel sharks, butterfly rays or electric rays here is pretty high and you’ll often see hunting tunas here which makes this dive super exciting.

max. depth 18M / shore diveTUFIA

Charming fishing village
with beautiful volcanic reef

After kitting up, you’ll walk down a steep path through the village and enter the water via a small black sand beach. There is hardly a reef that is so obviously of volcanic origin more in Gran Canaria! Volcanic boulders and several caves (loved by rays) are the star of the show here. Due to the upstream fish farms this is the dive site with the most shifts in the summer months in recent years. You’ve got a high chance of spotting the resident sea horse, as well as many octopi.
When possible, this is a great spot to take your loved ones who aren’t diving along.

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max. depth 24M / boat diveBALITO DEEP

Low lying lava formations.

Balito deep is a circular volcanic reef where you’ll often find big schools of yellow snappers and barracudas. You’ll slowly circle around the reef, and zig zag over the top looking into the crevices. It’s quite common to see big stingrays here.

max. depth 32M / shore diveEL CABRÓN (“bastard”)

This is true: entering and exiting is a bastard at best. Is it worth it? Absolutely. Is it for everyone? Nope.

El Cabrón is an awesome marine reserve a short drive to the East coast. On land, it’s like you’ve arrived on Mars. Underwater, it’s a volcanic wonder world. Its name prepares you for adventurous shore diving. The underwater landscape is amazing – think volcanic reef tops, steep rock faces, various caves and archways… And with 8 different possible routes ranging from 5 to 32 meters deep, El Cabrón offers a lot of diversity. Especially in the winter months, it is not uncommon to come across beautiful angel sharks.

max. depth 16M / boat diveBAHIA LILA

Shallow wall dive, great for macro photography

A simple, shallow dive with overhang ledges and a small cave. The dive starts by going through big standing boulders until we reach the wall which runs out to sea. You’ll look out over all the crevices and spot lots of anenomes, cleaner and zebra shrimp, and nudibranches. Damselfish like it here too!

max. depth 12M / shore diveRISCO VERDE

Night dive central!​

This natural reef also reflects the volcanic origin of Gran Canaria with a diversified biodiversity. In normal conditions, Risco Verde is protected and the entrance is easy from the gritty beach, making it an ideal dive site for night dives! With good air consumption, you’ll get to the big school of fish on the left or go in search of the anchor.
A small nearby restaurant and the long promenade invite for non-diving companions to visit.

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